1. What is your returns policy?
a) All orders are custom printed and made to order. As such we are unable to accept returns. We ask that you thoroughly check your order as we will print exact wording and punctuation to your specifications.

2. Can I make changes to my order once submitted?
a) Once you have submitted your order it is sent directly to our custom printer facility. We are unable to make changes on spelling and incorrect quantity.

3. Why is my order taking so long?
a) Due to the nature of our custom work, each piece is printed and cured on the highest quality cardstock. As such the process takes approximately a week (up to 10 business days) to be completed before shipping to its final destination.

4. Can I order a different art work than what is offered?
a) Yes! We have a bespoke section on this website where you can submit your enquiry. We have limited space a year for bespoke clients but please always be encouraged to submit. We love creating and when we can collaborate with you we will try.

5. Why does the color print differently to what I see on screen?
a) All colors on our product photography reflects our actual colors. Please refer to the photography throughout the site imagery for the closest possible reference. Of course mobile phones and computers are always set differently so please note how things appear on screen may slightly differ to how they appear in natural light! Though our colors are bright they are subtle enough to be legible. In some cases where we recommend certain colors we have designed it so you can only pick certain colors in order to ensure your satisfaction with the finished product.

6. When will you have more designs?
a) We are so excited to offer our core collection and have endeavoured to include our most requested designs within this collection. We plan on introducing additional products and designs seasonally and for special occasions.Watch this space!

7. Are you open to Brand Collaborations?
a) We have worked with brands that we align with in the past and would love to learn more about what you are looking for. Email us with the subject: BRAND COLLAB to hello@rumcakestudio.com.

8. Are you open to working with influencers?
a) Please email us with the subject: INFLUENCER COLLAB to hello@rumcakestudio.com.

9. What is your environmental policy?
a) Each order is custom printed once purchased. This allows us to reduce our carbon emissions and general waste. We strive to use as little plastic as possible throughout our entire supply chain and where possible our packaging is environmentally friendly. We offer our orders at a minimum of 50pcs in order to minimize multiple packaging and our packaging is recyclable.

10. What is the quality of your product? What paper do you use?
a) All our products, except our custom notepads, are printed on cotton cardstock with an eggshell finish. The cardstock paper weight is 2 ply, and individually constructed for our customers. Our notepads are printed on matte 80 gram recycled ivory paper.